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The Montana Appaloosa Horse Club is a regional affiliate of the international breed registry for Appaloosa Horses, Appaloosa Horse Club, headquartered in Moscow, Idaho. The Montana Appaloosa Horse Club was organized in the early 1950's and is one of the oldest regional clubs with continued existence. The Montana Club (MTApHC) covers the entire state of Montana and is probably one of the largest geographic regional Appaloosa clubs in the nation. In addition to members throughout Montana, Appaloosa owners from Northern Wyoming and Eastern Idaho have also been members.

Because there are lots of miles between members, the MTApHC has only one annual membership meeting, usually in October. However, the Directors meet regularly to conduct the Club's business.

A major project of the Montana Appaloosa Horse Club is producing the annual Montana Appaloosa Show. In the early years, the show was rotated around the state. More recently, it has been either in Bozeman, Helena or Billings.

To many people, their Appaloosa horses are their recreation. They use their Appaloosas in the show ring, as 4-H projects, competitive trail riding and just plain recreational riding. Some use Appaloosas for their routine ranch work and others are into serious competitive activities such as barrel racing, roping, team penning, cutting and even horse racing.

There are currently several smaller local Appaloosa clubs that function within the Montana Appaloosa Horse Club. Members of these clubs actively promote Appaloosas in their communities. They participate in parades, assist the 4-H horse program, and support their local Horse Fairs. They are quite involved in trail riding/judged trail rides and other social activities. The work force for the Annual Montana Appaloosa Show comes from members of these clubs:

Vigilante Appaloosa Club: Members are mostly from the Helena Valley. Members meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Grub Steak at 6:30 pm, Helena. Contact person is Cindy Fonger at 406-449-2009.

Five Valley Appaloosa Club: covers the Missoula area. Contact person is Jan Phillips.

Mountain Country Appaloosa Club: covers the Bozeman/Livingston area. Contact person is Kim Dishman.

Eastern Montana Appaloosa Club: covers the Billings area. Meetings are usually held the first Monday each month, 6:30 pm in Billings. Contact person is Lesli Glen.


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